The County Down Traction Engine Club was originally set up by a small group of vintage steam enthusiasts in the early 1970's. At that time it's purpose was to allow a group of like minded individuals to come together in order to enjoy their hobby and raise some funding for good causes in the process.


Today the club's activities have broadened and our ethos has become more community focused, we are now more integrated into the local community and we work closely with many other community groups like Churches, PSNI, Local Councils and various other organisations and groups. We still have a passion for our agricultural and transport heritage, and you can still make that connection back to the soil by gathering freshly dug potatoes or savouring the sight, sounds and smells of corn being harvested as it was in your grandfather's day, at our annual working festival. In addition to that we are now more involved with the people and cultural heritage of the local area and include cultural activities like music, dancing, etc in the festival too.


We are keen to share our enthusiasm with others and we welcome new members of all ages (but particularly young members). We know that our society has changed almost beyond recognition since the 1970's and we feel that we can offer members of the community an alternative, or perhaps additional, interest or hobby where they can become involved in a wide range of club activities which would represent a stark contrast to the many hours our young people spend in front of a computer or being involved in the less rewarding or even the anti-social activities that are so prevalent in today’s society.


The County Down Traction Engine Club members are a band of unpaid volunteers and all profits made from our activities are used to support worthwhile local charities.

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County Down Traction Engine Club